Packaging & More for Horticulture and Food industries

Are you looking for packaging that perfectly match your needs? Look no further!

Specialized packaging that keeps your flowers looking fresh and vibrant, sturdy plant packaging that not only protects but also adds a touch of elegance, and food packaging that ensures your products stay fresh and safe. And we’ve got plenty of wrapping materials to suit any requirement you might have!


Foil, carbon, up to 97% recycled!

Discover our range of flower packaging, available in foil or cardboard, recycled or not. We provide quality solutions that enhance your business image.


Explore our plant packaging options, designed to ensure durability while showcasing the natural beauty of your plants. Our solutions cater to various sizes and are tailored to support healthy transportation and display.


Discover our food packaging solutions, specifically designed for berries. Our packaging protects freshness and ensures safe transport, all while presenting your berries attractively to consumers.


Check out our versatile wrapping materials, perfect for securing and enhancing the presentation of your products. From durable to decorative, our range meets all your wrapping needs.

We offer high-quality, sustainable options to enhance your product’s safety, freshness, and appeal.
Feel free to contact us in Dutch, English, German or even Chinese! Let’s chat about how we can elevate your products.
Your products deserve the best!


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